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Use this offer below to start your business website or blog  with one of the most popular and easy website creation software on the internet

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Free how to start a website Step by step  Guide

WordPress software is  one of the most popular website  software, enabling to make your website into a professional website, blog or  any kind of website with a click of a button.

This guide below uses  bluehost  hosting  and wordpress software  to start up your blog easily in just 15 minutes. I use bluehost  for many of my personal websites  just because  they  are reliable and have an affordable price.

The next couple of steps  to start a blog below, could easily be done by even a person new to all this with  the custom 1 click install from bluehost.


Lets start!


First choose a hosting  package  from bluehost from one of their plans ( current $3.95 price is $3.49 click to claim)



At this stage, click on select on the above pic  to select the $3.49 current deal.


If you already got a domain name ignore the transfer domain  box  and just enter the FREE domain you want in  new domain box.


Enter the domain name and click next.

This is where you put in your payment details >

>  and then go to the next step of choosing your plan and any optional extras.


To get the $3.49 deal you will need to get the 36 month webhosting plan.

To be honest  the first time i did this, I thought this was a trick to get me to sign up for a longer period, but  i ended up losing more  by not doing that. After 12 months of my sign up finished, I had to go back to my full price  of $7.99 a month. So i wished i had gone $3.49 for a longer period.

But  you please choose as your budget allows you to do.


With optional extras below

I would  suggest the domain privacy and site back up pro as  something to consider, if you have the budget for it.

The domain privacy stops people from snooping on your name and address details  from your website. The site back up feature is self-explanatory, you have back up if anything goes wrong with your website .



At this stage, Please make sure  you  have your  login email/name and password  recorded securely  which you will need  to login later.

When you finish purchasing your hosting, you can login to your hosting account immediately with the login and password details. They will send a email with your login url  but not your password.


Below is the sitehosting backend screen once you login to cpanel admin area.

Click on the install word-press icon



You will see this screen next , click start to Install wordpress



Select the free domain name you selected earlier (or then the domain name you transferred)  and then click to install your blog


The wordpress website/blog installation process will begin now.

WordPress can be customised to be used as a blog or a business website. All you need to do is change the theme to change the blog design and look of the blog/website to any kind of website that you need.

Themes are available on the internet from as low as $10 a theme and also for free from within your wordpress  admin area of your blog.


That’s it, follow the instructions on the next pages to finish, and your blog should get installed in the next couple of minutes and you should be ready to blog.

Remember that this special price of $3.49 a month can be claimed by our readers by signing up here and you get this special price for 36 months + a free domain name.

I hope this detailed picture tutorial helped you in some way. Do leave me a comment below to show you luv or just ask a question and I will try to answer it soon as I can. Let me know if there is anything worth adding to this tutorial once you have gone through the same process and I shall add it in or update in a new post.

Good luck on your new journey!!  /jeff

Bluehost $2.95 Hosting Deal

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Get your blog started today  for $2.95 with 60% off hosting
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Best price
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  3. […] Friday Special! $2.65 ONLY for 36 month term on the Basic plan! Includes a free domain […]

  4. […] Friday Special! $2.65 ONLY for 36 month term on the Basic plan! Includes a free domain […]

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