Starting a online shop with shopify special deals

Well if you sign up with us you get 90 days free trial, AND you get a chance to meet up with Richard Branson. You probably heard that one before.

Haha .. I just saw that being offered online with an shopify offer and it felt quite unreal. I mean really , I would love to get that offer to meet that amazing entrepreneur and businessman, but  I  think, the chances for that happening are really quite low.

the 2016 trial ofer for 90 days from shopify doc ompressed

The best 2016 Shopify Trial offers

If you are searching for the shopify 90 day free trial or 60 day cart offer, they are long gone and while many people still talk about it – what’s really available at this moment is just the 14 day trial offer which is essentially free until 14 days .

Its not a bad one if you are looking to start a online store , I would suggest that you get it asap if interested and also start working on your online shopify store immediately as you get it. That way your not wasting any of your free trial period and get a good chance at actually testing it out. There is never a better time , like NOW.

I would suggest that you not really sign up with them unless you are really serious of exploring online shopping ideas and actually starting.

Sign up only if your really keen to start an store online and make some $$.

Here is your  >> 14 day trial offer.

Do make the most of it! or atleast try


How to best make use of “FREE TRIAL”  deal?


Tips to promote your shopify-facebook store

  • Start your online-shop immediately
  • Get products listed as soon as you can
  • Get your advertising on facebook started  for your products to test what can sell
  • Retest ads over time with different images and sales copy
  • Check out what others in your niche is doing/advertising
  • Dont be afraid to use Bing , Google adwords , Instagram for promoting your products.
  • Request to Extend your shopify membership by paying if sufficient trial offer time is not enough to test things out.



Some success story images from shopify for Australia

Nutcase Helmets was a young brand only selling in the US since 2006. They had just signed European distribution and then became the Australian distributor in late 2008 and since then has sold thousands of helmets online. Teatox ( healthy tea) and Blackmilk ( fashion- leggins)  are also some success’s stories from Australia int he online shop niche.


Once you get your shopify account , you can explore further with custom store apps, themes and shop plugins for your online store which an help you get more sales.

Most of these extras are optional and you will have to pay  to get them, however thre are still many people who run sucessful stores even without  these extra options

img from

Don’t procrastinate and Start today and see where this 14 day trial takes you. Good luck!

Shopify Online Stores

Get a Free trail to get your online store started in 2016

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