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Review of SEO Powersuite software and 2018 Discount Deal

Looking to do SEO for your start up or website yourself – You doesn’t need expensive SEO memberships with ongoing fees costing you $80 to $170 a month. You don’t need highly priced software with all bells and whistles.

What you need is inexpensive software that does the job from your desktop and saves all the data to your desktop for instant lookup whenever you need it.

SEO power suit solves all those problems and keeps track of your ranking for you.

desktop SEO tool

Great news! SEO PowerSuite Summer Sale 2018sale is on!

SEO PowerSuite is an all-in-one package of SEO tools that has everything you need for a full-cycle SEO campaign.

It covers every aspect of SEO, including:

  • Keyword research;
  • Rank tracking;
  • Site crawling and auditing;
  • On-page optimization;
  • Backlink tracking and auditing;
  • Link prospecting and outreach.


In this year SEO PowerSuite Discount sale, Link-Assistant (the creator of SEO Powersuite) is giving out both SEO Powersuite professional license and SEO power suite Enterprises 2018 editions at an amazing 60% discount on the first day of the sale, May 15th.

Discount meltdown with each passing day of the sale – on the 15th 60% discount, on the 16th, 55% discount and lastly, on the 17th, 50% discount.

Get Deal Now -Browse Details


Don’t miss out on this unique offer – the discount will drop tomorrow. Jump to the page and grab your SEO PowerSuite license now!

What Is SEO PowerSuite and what Does it do?

SEO PowerSuite (created by Link-Assistant) is a software package that includes the following 4 applications:


rank tracker website auditor

  1. Rank Tracker

  2. Website Auditor

  3. SEO SpyGlass

  4. LinkAssistant


Accurate rank monitoring  by Rrank Tracker

No more spending hours on manually checking your site’s positions in search engines. Just sit back and let SEO PowerSuite do the job for you:

  • 329 search engines
  • 10 competitorsto compare
  • Unlimited number of keywords
  • Images, Videos and other vertical search rankings
  • Geo-specific rankings
  • Graphs, showing progress over time
  • Scheduled rank checks on autopilot



Keyword research

Find profitable, traffic-generating keywords to focus your SEO efforts on.

  • 19 different keyword suggestion tools
  • Competition, traffic, KEI and other keyword quality factors
  • In-built PPC analysis
  • Traffic stats and Bounce rate data for each keyword


Competition analysis By SEO SPYGLASS

Reverse engineer your competitors’ SEO to uncover the most effective strategies that help them rank high in search engines.

  • Backlinks
  • Content
  • Ranking progress


On-page SEO:
Site audit + Content optimization by Website Auditor

Run a complete on-page health audit against dozens of SEO flaws. Create relevant and search engine friendly content for your website.

  • Broken links and HTML code errors
  • Duplicate content issues
  • Pages indexation and crawlability
  • Content optimization advice (ideal keyword usage based on top-10 competition research)



Link analysis by LINK ASSISTANT

Find, monitor, analyze and compare — dig all the backlink data you need for safe and effective link building.

  • The largest backlink indexon the Web
  • 50+ backlink factorsto analyze
  • New link-building opportunities
  • Competitors’ links to reverse engineer
  • Penguin/Panda-proof link audit
  • Convenient link data management


SEO PowerSuite has already helped over 500,000+ SEOs achieve top 10 rankings for over 1,350,000 domains in 325 different search engines. That is a guarantee no other SEO software can give.

ATTENTION!!! The discount sale is over for now but will be back in December (hopefully). You can bookmark this page or sign up on the blog so you receive updates on next SEO Powersuite discount sale as soon as they’re out.

Beside, you can get SEO Powersuite at a reasonable price through the links on this page. Thank you.

What I love about Website Auditor is it’s actually a great tool for BOTH SEO newbies and seasoned vets. Usually tools that are great for professionals, aren’t really useful for newbies.

Each client, each website, each SEO campaign create their own challenges, but as long as you’re improving your process and tracking your activities, you’ll get better. Get Deal Now – Check offer Details


SEO PowerSuite is an all-in-one package

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